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55, 염소 자리, United States, Clarinda
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Tights Naughty pics
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나이 55
신장 5'4" - 5'6" [160cm- 170cm]
무게 160 - 180 파운드 [70 - 80 킬로그램]
헤어 흑발
인종 백인
언어 영어
고향 Clarinda
음모 털 면도함
가슴 큰 사이즈
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hmmm U guys watching me telling me you love what you see. Being watched ~ real sex actually And showing off for you
내 소개
I been a WebCam Model for many years and i love doing it.showing my body And just trying to sexually please men.I have ,many pics and videos I am willing to do private 1on1 I enjoy dressing sexy for my fans and using toys making guys feel good My Pics will be password protected if they are extra naughty
I can make custom vids for you guys where i say your name and u ask me to do something specific and u can get them with tokens depending on what u request.
I will be Broadcasting Monday wed thrus fri 1pm-3pm Tues 11:3am-3pm & if hubby goes somewhere on a weekend day without me i only broadcast when hes gone.
HORNY IS MY password to see my pics & vids when iam not on line PANTY is password to see my panties for tokens
Guys i know how to watch cams on here now so if u want to cam2cam with me thats 100+tokens
Iam wanting to sell used panties

1 # i need a bunch of shipping envopes and small ziplock baggies
2#shipping costs
3# U guys will pay me with tokens and they are yours if somebody wants the same pair u will have to all give me your bids the higest bidder gets them giving me the most tokens
The panty album is free but follow me here
내 기분을 상하게 하는 것
Rude demanding men who dont have tokens
men who tell me they are giving me tokens and dont PHONE SEX Does nothing for me
Guys who demand i show them ass pussy or tits without giving me tokens Iam here to make money not show everything for free .If u dont have tokens dont demand me to show u anything
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Riding big dildo
10 토큰
Getting off watching porn sometimes I do this at the end of my cAmming time
25 토큰
FOOT FETISH FANS  I WISHED  i had a real dick
20 토큰
using big dildo and squirting
40 토큰
Titty play
30 토큰
fingering both holes
40 토큰
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TightWetKitty would love Sexy Cloths she can show off, sex toy s Lube  Gift cards
TightWetKitty would love Sexy Cloths she can show off, sex toy s Lube Gift cards
I always need Lube new sextoys New sexy outfits to show off theigh high stockings panties and gift cards help Egift cards from Romatix iam attaching a pic of the Egift from romantix I dont have an Amazon account but can use a giftcard on my hubbys account target Walmart Apple i like to play cash games on facebook
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