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23, 궁수자리, Colombia
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신장>5'4" - 5'6" [160cm- 170cm]
무게90 - 100 파운드 [40 - 45 킬로그램]
언어영어, 스페인어
음모털 면도함
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☺A delicate, tender and loving man. I warm with warm caring and loving words. I like to play slow but with passionate tenderness making the moment memorable, last and be special for you and for me, love Cass
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Hi, I am Cassie, but call me Cass, I am sensual and sweet.
내 기분을 상하게 하는 것
I like people to be nice to one another have fun and not to be disrespectful to me or anyone else on my page
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CassieKleinX님의 위시리스트
SIngapore tour
SIngapore tour
A full holidays in Singapore ♥
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Iphone 11 pro max Gold
Iphone 11 pro max Gold
I want a better comunication with my best tipper ♥
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Cassie's country house
Cassie's country house
My biggest dream is could have an amazing house like this for live my best moments of live and share them with you all ♥ in my city!
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22. 6. 30.
pretty tasty girl
sweet soles
candy toes
21. 8. 3.
5 start for that sweet sexy girl . Love ya .
21. 7. 12.
beautiful sexy girl
sweet feet
21. 4. 7.
Absolutely a very stunning girl. Shes got the beautiful face and gorgeous body. Cant go wrong with Cassie. Spectacular. Ill be back.
20. 10. 23.
playful girl. I will want to see her again.
20. 7. 16.
You are Beautiful beyond belief!! I Loved what you had to offer me but the best part was that unforgettable SMILE and the time we spent just talking. Lots of LOVE!!!
I'll be off

I will be 24,25,26 and May 27 in a Trip see you on May 28, I love you all♥♥ 

you can add me IG:@cassieklein.x   ♥♥♥♥kisses♥♥♥